Our philosophy is to create engaging and authentic worlds through our artwork; worlds with their own sense of identity, personality and soul. We believe that each universe has an essence and treat the world building process the same way we would treat a character.

Our team doesn’t set out to just create artwork and designs - we set out to define the spirit of a project, artwork or idea. Rather than using the same solution over and over, we are dedicated to breaking down an idea and exploring from it’s roots. By working this way, it allows us to create truly captivating artwork that both: solves problems and captivates hearts.

As of now, we are only taking on work that allows us to explore and create worlds from the early stages. We are not interested in providing batch work for existing projects. We are a team of innovators and explorers that prefer to dive into unknown territory and find the beauty within it.

If you are a creator, studio, producer, agency or executive, you can get in touch with us here.

For artists that wish to send us your portfolio, please e-mail it to info@timeskipstudio.com.